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Does your property have any stumps from fallen trees or from trees which were cut down? If so we can remove those unsightly stumps and restore your property to much better condition with our Stump Grinding services.

Stump Grinding is a process where the tree stump is ground down to smaller wood chips or dust. A rapidly rotating wheel has a series of strong teeth which grind the stump away in a short amount of time. We continue to grind away until the stump is completely Stump Grinding services Iowaremoved above the surface. We typically grind the stump away to a point several inches below the ground level.

Once the stump has been ground away, we will clear away all of the ground wood so that your yard looks better than before. New soil can be spread over the location and grass or other plants may be planted. The results look natural.

If you live in Southern Iowa or Northern Missouri, give us a call and we will be happy to give you a Free, No Obligation Quote for our stump grinding services. Or, complete the Request Form on this page and we will contact you regarding your needs.


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