Dangers of Firewood Stacks

With cooler weather moving in our thoughts tend to move indoors. One of the more delightful parts of cooler weather is being able to use the fireplace. As the days grow shorter and the temperatures getting colder, many families will be cutting, splitting, and stacking firewood for the upcoming winter months.

There are many things you will want to be aware of when preparing your supply of firewood. First, you need to know where you should stack your wood. Many people like to stack the wood next to their home, but this could be an invitation to trouble down the road.

The best place to keep your firewood is away from your home. There are many reasons for this. First, the wood can become a great place for pests to make their home. Bugs and mice look for places to stay worm and hide during the winter months. When you have the wood next to your home, you make it pretty easy for these pests to stay warmer plus it is an invitation for them to actually find a way into your home.

If you have leftover wood in your stack year after year (typically on the bottom of the pile) the wood begins to deteriorate. This rotting wood is the perfect place for some insects to thrive. This is especially true of some types of ants and roaches. They love this type of environment.

One of the biggest issues with firewood is termites. These hated creatures thrive in some types of wood. And, the closer it is to your home, the easier it is for them to find a way into your home. Before you know it, you have a termite problem!

Regardless of where you keep the wood, be aware that snakes and spiders love wood piles. Though very few species of snakes are poisonous, you should always use precautions when working around a stack of wood that has been in a given place for any length of time. Black widow spiders love stacks of wood. So, be sure to use a pair of heavy gloves when removing from the stack. This will help you avoid being bitten on the hand. Plus, take the time to brush off the wood before pulling it close to your body.

One final reminder about stacking firewood is to keep it in a manageable height. Wood is very heavy and can fall off and injure people, especially smaller children. Make sure the wood is not leaning or awkwardly stacked or thrown onto a pile. Take a few minutes and make your wood stacks stable.

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